Alatas ServiceMerchant Shipping
LocationEurope, Spain, Togo
Equipment TypeDeck Crane
CranesJiangsu Masada Mitsubishi


Alatas Germany was requested to connect the hoisting rope to the winch drum.

Alatas’ Solution

Alatas personnel utilized wire ropes and a hook (grab) to test drive.

Job scope

  • Drain Hydraulic oil from the whole system into clean drums for reuse after gearbox exchange
  • Disconnect pipes, hoses, motor, and electrical cables from the power pack
  • Remove the complete power pack  and shift it close to slewing gear
  • Removal of Limit switch-box
  • Removal of access ladder to the cabin floor
  • Connect lifting gear on the drum and start loosening the bolts from the foundation and gearbox
  • Removal of Counter bearing flange
  • Removal of Drum with the gearbox from the frame and drain the oil out inside the drum
  • Loosen the bolts of the gearbox and remove the gearbox out of the drum
  • Clean Surface and install a new gearbox
  • Tight the bolts of the new gearbox
  • Install new counter bearing flange
  • Install it back into the frame
  • Install the access ladder and the limit switch-box
  • Install hoisting motor with new bearing and seal
  • Install the power pack back in position and connect all hoses, pipes, and electrical wires
  • Fill in gear oil
  • Fill back the drained hydraulic oil
  • Start the crane and remove the air from the hydraulic system
  • Test drive hoisting without ropes
  • Install hoisting wire rope and connect it to the drum
  • Test drive with wire ropes and hook (grab)

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