HH-Crane Boom Hinge Repair at Anchorage

Alatas’ ServiceField Service, Hose Handling Crane Repair
Location  Singapore Anchorage
EquipmentHose Handling Crane  
Vessel Type  Tanker, VLCC
CranesOriental Precision Engineering Co., Ltd


The VLCC is equipped with two midship hose handling cranes, i.e., HH-Cranes type HHC 640-2021, made by Oriental Precision Engineering Co., Ltd. (OPCO) in Korea. The lifting capacity is SWL 20 tons x 21M radius.

The owner had emailed Alatas a sound recording of the crane jib being raised, during which a loud, metallic screaming and grinding noise can be heard. The owner had assumed that the noise made by the crane’s luffing cylinder during boom-up was related to that. It came out that the seized and damaged boom hinge bearings are what is actually making the noise. A push/pull jacking cylinder setup and hot work is required to release the hinge pin from the pin and bush bearing. The pin might still not move even then, in which case it might need to be flame cut and gauged out.


ALATAS is an expert in repairing jib bearings and can handle the following types of hose-handling cranes and provide crane boom hinge bearing repairs:

  • Arrange hot work permit
  • Supply and erect staging
  • Supply a team of marine mechanics, led by our experienced Oriental crane specialist
  • Supply rigging gear, hollow jacks & strong backs
  • Supply welding equipment and gas gauging rod
  • Supply new pin & bush
  • Supply water weight test loads and carry out crane function testing and crane overload testing after completing the repairs

Repairs are carried out on an around-the-clock working basis, to keep repair time low and vessel delay to a bare minimum

Noise when moving Boom

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