Hatch Cover Repair Supervise in the Kuzeystar Shipyard

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Alatas Turkey was contracted to oversee the hatch cover repairs. The Alatas experts disassembled the rubber, welded the wheel stoppers, and reported the damaged regions to the shipyard. After transferring the three hydraulic pistons that had been removed, the Alatas specialists finished the ultrasonic test.


Technicians from Alatas TR were on board to oversee and fix the hatch cover.


The Alatas Turkey specialists welded the wheel stoppers. They noticed that the scraping of the hatch cover persisted. Following the completion of the ultrasonic test, they transferred the damaged sections to the workshop.


After attending to the vessel, the Alatas TR specialists began by welding the wheel stoppers and building the scaffolding for the replacement of the rubber on the hatch cover. They saw that the scraping of the hatch cover was still occurring.

The technicians spotted the damaged areas on the hatch covers and gave the shipyard instructions to fix them.

Then the Alatas TR technicians completed the rubber dismantling, made the rubber channel checks, and reported the damaged areas to the shipyard.

They moved the three hydraulic pistons that had been transferred to the workshop.

The technicians in the workshop initially examined the rubber channel coatings. Alatas technicians found issues with the paint and contacted the inspector and shipyard engineer.

They checked the three disassembled pistons and detected small scratches on two pistons.

It was anticipated that the rubber channel painting procedure and hatch cover mechanical repair number five would be done in time for rubber replacement.

The Alatas technicians completed the hatch cover rubber channel repair successfully.

The Alatas TR technicians successfully completed the ultrasonic test of the hatch covers following the completion of their work in the workshop.

Hatch cover 2 was not subjected to the ultrasonic test since the crane’s number one hoisting motor was broken, and the hatch cover 2 had a hook. The technicians also found that the hatch cover was leaking. The work that needed to be done was finally discussed by the technicians with the vessel’s officials.


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