Hatch Cover Chaın Assembly In İstanbul,  Zeyport

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Equipment TypeShip Cranes


 Alatas Turkey technicians attended the vessel and began the work for hatch cover chain assembly. They made necessary preparations for the chain assembly of  No 2, 1, and 3 Hatch covers. They adjusted by taking chain gaps.


Alatas Turkey technicians prepared for the chain assembly of Crane 1, 2, and 3 hatch covers. They completed a preliminary inspection and began all necessary procedures.


The Alatas Turkey technicians boarded the vessel. First, they checked the spare parts and made the necessary preparations for the no 2 hatch cover chain assembly. The technicians also determined that each cover included 2 different chain lengths. After that, they completed the chain assembly. Before starting, the technicians prepared for the chain assembly of no 1 and 3 hatch covers. During the controls made, it was determined that the no1 hatch starboard chain was 1 meter short. It was installed after receiving customer approval. They made the chain assemblies. On the last day of the job, cover fixing and adjusting apparatus with the chain was installed. The technicians made the adjustment through chain gaps. They tested the No 1, 2and 3  hatch covers. The test of no 2 has been completed, but No 1 and 3 failed because the new chain stuck was in the return sprocket. The Alatas Turkey technicians recommended replacing the adjusting apparatus because it is old and worn. Due to the long length of the bolts, the ends were cut off.


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