The Alatas Turkey experts initially checked the crane and discovered that the hoisting system was not going both ways. They performed removal, draining, and installation after specific tests were conducted.


Alatas Turkey technicians were on the vessel to change out the gearbox.


Alatas Turkey specialists contacted the customer concerning the gearbox replacement job. They tested the Crane and then began to repair the problems they discovered.

 Job Scope

The technicians traveled to Spain to attend to the vessel.

  • First, they tested the Crane and discovered that the hoisting system was not moving in both directions. They then marked and removed the hoisting limit switch box. They then set the limit switch box to the safe setting.
  • The technicians drained the gear oil and hydraulic oil. Then they marked the flexible hoses and removed them. The hoisting hydraulic motor’s block, hoisting hydraulic motor, and hoisting hydraulic brake block were also removed.
  • The specialists examined the gearbox and discovered no flaws. They saw that the shaft, as was the drum, was being turned by hand, with no inappropriate sounds or issues. Our specialists tested the gear oil and hydraulic fluid for dirt but found none.
  • After that, the troubleshooting was started and the hydraulic brake was checked first. The brake discs and brake flange were found to be damaged and broken.
  • Alatas Turkey experts searched the shop for extra brake block parts and discovered whole sets of brake blocks. They then transported the spare pieces to the Crane and began assembling them.
  • The brake flange of the gearbox was connected. Following that, new brake discs (inner and outer) were installed in the manner specified in the handbook. They examined the springs but found no problems, so the technicians mounted the spring blocks on the brake flange.
  • The experts completed all of the required modifications, such as raising the hydraulic motor and hoisting the hydraulic motor’s block. Flexible hoses were also installed, and gear oil was added. The specialists from Alatas Turkey then disconnected the hydraulic system’s air supply. They tested the Crane and discovered that the problem had been resolved.
  • Following the test, the hoisting limit switch box was mounted in the manner indicated.

Removal of the hydraulic brake block

Checking the store for the spare part of the brake block

Montage of the hydraulic motor

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