Gangway ladder and Platform Support load test



At Alatas Singapore, we consider maritime safety to be our utmost priority. Recently, we were entrusted with a critical task by our client—to conduct a load test for gangway ladders and platform support at SSE Singapore Yard. This endeavor showcases our unwavering commitment to ensuring the reliability and safety of maritime equipment.


The maritime industry relies heavily on gangway ladders and platform support to ensure the safe embarkation and disembarkation of crew, passengers, and cargo. To guarantee their continued safety and reliability, these essential components must undergo periodic load testing. This ensures that they can withstand expected loads and maintain their structural integrity.

Alatas’ Solution:

To meet this challenge head-on, our team at Alatas Singapore, comprised of experienced engineers and technicians, devised a meticulous solution. We set up a load test using 375-kg capacity bolster bags, each equipped with a calibrated flow meter to ensure precise load measurement. This solution not only guarantees the safety of the equipment but also enhances the accuracy of our testing process.

Job Scope:

Our comprehensive approach involved setting up a total of ten waterbags, each with a flow meter counter, to accurately monitor the loads. In total, we filled 3.52 cubic meters, equivalent to 3,520 kilograms, of water to simulate the required load. To further ensure the structural integrity of the gangway ladder and platform support, we carried out a deflection test, rigorously examining their performance.

Gangway ladder and Platform Support load test


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