When the skilled technicians from Alatas Turkey were tasked with renewing the foot bearing of a vessel, they embarked on a journey filled with challenges and innovative solutions. In this article, we will delve into their remarkable endeavor, highlighting their diligent approach and unwavering commitment to achieving success.


The Alatas Turkey technicians were summoned to address a crucial issue – the renewal of the foot bearing on a vessel. With a reputation for excellence in maritime repair, the team was ready to tackle the task head-on.

Alatas’ Solution:

Alatas Turkey’s technicians swiftly identified the issues at hand and devised a comprehensive plan to renew the foot bearing, showcasing their technical prowess and problem-solving skills.

Job Scope:

The project required the Alatas Turkey technicians to travel to Yalova, where they encountered some unexpected challenges. Due to ongoing dock operations at the shipyard, boarding the vessel was temporarily impossible. Undeterred, the team sprang into action, installing scaffolding and making the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth process.

To secure the foot-bearing covers, the technicians carefully determined the locations for the eyebolts, welding them in place for maximum stability. With the ship’s safety in mind, a chain block and sling were employed to secure the jip, and the newly welded joints were allowed to cool.

However, a major roadblock appeared when the initial attempts to remove a pin proved futile due to severe damage. The technicians, resourceful as ever, came up with an innovative solution: welding an M36 nut onto the stubborn pin. Unfortunately, this method also presented challenges, as the welded nut broke off during a high-pressure extraction attempt. The only remaining option was to cut the pin, a decision made in consultation with the vessel’s owner.

Prior to commencing the hot-cutting process, the technicians ensured rigorous safety precautions and fire prevention measures were in place, guaranteeing the well-being of everyone involved. The starboard pin was successfully cut and removed after cooling with seawater.

With the path cleared, the technicians secured the boom safely and removed the ball bearing covers, allowing the bearings to be displaced. Following a thorough cleaning and meticulous preparations, the assembly phase began.

Final Touches: The team measured the bearing housing, revealing a slight ovality of 0.15 mm–0.20 mm. This information was promptly shared with the vessel’s owner, who approved the assembly to proceed as planned. The Alatas Turkey technicians adeptly mounted the bearing, replaced felts, and flawlessly completed the foot-bearing assembly.

Attention to Detail: Notably, three new bushings, each with a width of 70 mm, were utilized in conjunction with one old bushing, strictly adhering to manual control requirements of 66 mm for the inner bush and 74 mm for the outer bush.

Project Completion: Upon finishing the assembly of the boom, a crane tension and operation test were meticulously conducted. Finally, the vessel was delivered, marking the successful culmination of this complex repair project.

Preventing Future Issues: In light of the ovality detected in the foot bearing housing, the Alatas Turkey technicians wisely recommended considering the original processing for the bearing house to proactively prevent potential issues in the future.

In conclusion, the story of Alatas Turkey’s triumph in renewing a vessel’s foot bearing showcases their expertise, adaptability, and commitment to delivering high-quality maritime solutions. Their dedication to safety, innovation, and attention to detail is a testament to their excellence in the field.


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