Fabrication of  complete New Electric Monorail Gantry Crane C-GEB5.0



The customer informed Alatas that there was extensive damage to their monorail crane traveling beam. The customer delivered all the badly corroded components in bits and pieces.

Alatas had to identify all the parts individually and match them against the manual drawing provided.


The complete traveling beam fell from its location to the deck due to damage to the middle boogie.


Alatas Design & Engineering Department was engaged for fabrication drawings and Repair Procedures.

The Alatas Workshop team fabricated a completely new monorail crane. Also overhauled most of the components and assembled them into the monorail crane.

In addition, we constructed a brand-new walking platform and integrated it together with the monorail crane. It was then mounted on board the ship.


Alatas Workshop undertook the extensive refurbishment and restoration of a customer’s crane. The project was executed in two batches of deliveries, each involving meticulous workmanship to bring the crane back to its optimal condition. Here’s a breakdown of the work done in each batch:

Batch 1:

  1. Hoisting Winch Transformation:
    • Alatas completely overhauled the hoisting winch and gearbox.
    • We re-wound the E-Motor and conducted a thorough no-load test, achieving satisfactory results.
    • Fabricated a new set of Hoisting Winch Frames due to severe corrosion in existing units.
    • A completely new winch drum was fabricated to replace corroded components.
  2. Boogie Wheel Frame and Fixed Carriage Frame:
    • Fabricated and assembled one Boogie Frame with new and machined parts.
    • Fabricated and assembled two Fixed Carriage Frames with new and machined parts.
  3. Wire Rope Upgrade:
    • Supplied and installed new wire rope for the entire crane.

Batch 2:

  1. I-Beam Revamp:
    • Extensively refurbished the Monorail Crane I-Beam.
    • Ground off all material remnants and welding seams.
    • Aligned and welded in place one fabricated Boogie wheel frame.
    • Aligned and welded in place two fabricated Fixed Carriage frames.
    • Replaced a total of 12 stiffeners on both I-Beam ends.
    • Fabricated and welded on rope sheave housing to both ends of the I-Beam.
    • Replaced all roller arrangements on top of the I-beam and below.
    • Partially replaced the winch support structure.
    • Fabricated and welded two rope brackets for rope fix points.
  2. Electrical System Upgrade:
    • Overhauled two Electric Cabinets.
    • Replaced all electric cables.
  3. Mechanical Enhancements:
    • Overhauled two 2-fall hook blocks with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 5T and conducted load testing.
    • Overhauled and improved the Cable Drum / Slip Ring Unit.
    • Installed all new sensors, limit switches, and flood lights.
  4. Additional Enhancements:
    • Fabricated a new Platform For Monorail Crane, equipped with new sea lashing equipment.
    • The complete monorail crane underwent sandblasting and received a fresh coat of paint.
    • The crane was assembled with all overhauled components.
    • Comprehensive function testing was carried out, including power supply and lifting facility testing.

Fabrication of  complete New Electric Monorail Gantry Crane C-GEB5.0

Customer off landed following parts – 1st Batch of Delivery:

Customer off landed following parts – 2nd Batch of Delivery:


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