Elevator System Faults by Alatas Turkey Technicians

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In a recent inspection conducted by Alatas Turkey technicians, issues with damaged relays and a faulty DC1 transformer came to light, prompting a comprehensive troubleshooting effort to restore optimal functionality.


Upon receiving a troubleshooting request from the vessel’s management, Alatas Turkey technicians promptly mobilized to address elevator malfunctions. The need for a thorough inspection became evident as the customer reported operational irregularities, indicating potential underlying issues.

Alatas’ Solution:

During the inspection, the technicians from Alatas Turkey uncovered significant elevator issues: damaged relays and a faulty DC1 transformer. Recognizing the critical role these components play in the elevator’s operation, the technicians proposed a comprehensive solution involving the replacement of damaged relays and persistent troubleshooting of the problematic DC1 transformer.

Job Scope:

The inspection conducted by Alatas Turkey technicians revealed a multifaceted challenge. Both the 110 VAC and 24 VAC relays, essential for seamless elevator operation, were found damaged. Further investigation pinpointed issues with the DC1 transformer, specifically a malfunction in the 24VDC output while the 110VAC input remained intact.

To maintain temporary functionality, the technicians strategically bypassed connectors 7 and 4 to address potential sensor problems. However, the impairment of the DC1 transformer hindered the supply of 24VDC to the sensors, necessitating its replacement.

Despite a meticulous examination of door switches that revealed no anomalies, the inspection brought to light damage to the X1 relay coil. Subsequent investigations unveiled additional damaged relays. In response, the technicians recommended the replacement of all faulty relays to ensure the elevator’s optimal functionality.

In conclusion, Alatas Turkey technicians stressed the importance of persistent troubleshooting to address the root cause of the DC1 transformer issue. They emphasized the critical need for replacing damaged relays to guarantee the elevator’s seamless and reliable operation, underscoring the commitment to maritime safety and operational excellence.


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