Electrical Troubleshooting In Izmir



In order to diagnose the crane’s problems, specialists from Alatas Turkey boarded the ship. The crane was put to the test initially. They performed all essential inspections, including the 24V limit switches, input Eberle pls 514 E-41 card, output card, and star-delta contactor. The input E-41 card was then taken out and cleaned, and the crane was tested once more to look for any issues. Following several renewals, they offered some recommendations for fixing the issues.


The technicians from Alatas Turkey, attended to the vessel to troubleshoot the crane


The Alatas Turkey specialists first tested the crane before doing all the essential inspections to identify any problems.


  • Alatas Turkey technicians visited Zmir and worked on the ship to fix the Crane. When the crane was initially checked, the technicians saw that Crane 1’s motor was started. They examined the operational test and saw no issues. Once more stopping the engine for inspection, it was discovered that the crane no. 1 motor had ceased working.
  • They examined the star-delta contractor and found no issues with the connections; instead, the main issues were with the contactors and electrical cables’ state.
  • The output card was examined and tested, and neither procedure revealed any issues. The only things that were damaged were the card and the electrical wires. When the technicians looked at the Input Eberle Pls 514 E-41 card, they discovered that the limit switch LEDs were not lit.
  • The 24V of each limit switch was examined one at a time, and no issues were discovered.
  • The connecting socket for the input Eberle pls 514 E-41 card was found to be broken when the technicians tested it again.
  • The input E-41 card was taken out and thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, the card was reinstalled, and the crane was then tested. The engine failed to start the first time, but once the limit switches’ LEDs lit up, it eventually did, and once it was running, tests revealed no issues. Crane No. 1 started when the limit switch LEDs lit up, and the crane’s engine started without incident.
  • Later, it was discovered that some of the NC switches in Limit switch boxes were broken and that this was the reason the switches were bypassed. Alatas crew continued troubleshooting crane no. 1 after replacing the Eberle plc514 with a new one. Following this procedure of inspection, the specialists offered some advice.
  • They suggested that the electrical panel be replaced since, for example, it was in poor condition (contactors, relays, etc.). It was advised to replace the electric equipment with a new one because of its poor condition. There was a discrepancy between the cable connections on the electrical panel and the contacts on the electrical schematic. The electrical wires should be connected in accordance with the diagram’s recommendations.
  • The technicians also suggested replacing the limit switches and plc cards with new ones.

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