Deck Crane Slew Bearing Replacement

Alatas Service  Field Service
Location  Middle East/ UAE/ DUBAI
EquipmentDeck Crane

CranesIHI WUHAN SS360200-280B  


Alatas Middle East was engaged to respond to a client’s vessel upon the arrival of the boat at Sharjah Port and replace the #4 Crane Slew Bearing.


The customer has chosen Alatas Middle East to perform the Replacement of a damaged Slew bearing while docked at the Sharjah Khalid Port.


Alatas Middle East boarded the vessel upon the boat’s arrival, replaced the slew bearing, and turned over the crane to the vessel after a successful load test.

Job scope

  • Removal of Crane Jib
  • Removal of Slew Gear Boxes
  • Removal of Crane Tower
  • Removal of Existing Slew Bearing
  • Crane Tower Machining
  • Installation of New Bearing to the Tower
  • Installation of Tower to the Pedestal
  • Installation of Jib to the Tower
  • Installation of Slew Gearboxes to the tower column
  • Installation of Hoisting and Luffing Wire Ropes
  • Function test/Load Test

Removed crane jib from the tower and lowered it to the jetty.

Removed 2 x Slew gearboxes from the crane tower column and lowered them to the main deck

Unscrewed slew bearing internal bolt and separated crane tower from the pedestal.  
Lifted crane tower with suitable crane and lowered to the jetty.

Unscrewed slew bearing external bolts and separated bearing from the pedestal.

Carried out machining of crane tower flange to a tolerance of 0.13mm

Carried out the installation of slew bearing to the tower

Crane tower installed back to the tower along with new bearing.

Carried out the installation of crane jib to the tower column

Carried out function test and load test successfully.


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