Deck Crane Maintenance in Tuzla

Alatas ServiceField Service / Workshop Repair  
LocationEMEA / Turkey / Tuzla
Equipment TypeDeck crane
CranesFTS5028D4R01/FTS5028D4R02/FTS5028D4R03 /45T/28M  


Technicians from Alatas TR visited the ship for deck crane maintenance. In the workshop, they performed Hydro motor repair. After completing the maintenance, they sent the Hydro motors to the vessel and assembled them there.


To identify and address issues with the cranes, the customer got in touch with Alatas TR.


Alatas TR technicians made a toolbox meeting with the vessel’s inspector. After the meeting, hydro motors were maintained in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cranes by Alatas TR technicians. 


  • Alatas TR technicians firstly dismantled the Hydro motors, transferred them to the workshop, and transferred them back to the vessel to assemble in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cranes one by one.
  • Alatas TR technicians dismantled the luffing hydro motor, hoisting, and 3 slewing hydro motors. They observed that hydraulic connections were blunted.
  • Alatas technicians stripped the paints, renewed the O-rings and felts and they painted the hydro motors while in the workshop. They shipped the Hydro motors and assembled them in the cranes.
  • After all the hydro motors on the 3rd crane were shipped to the vessel, they made the hose connections and then assembled the hydro motor and hydro motor blocks.
  • Operational tests were carried out on 3 cranes. Alatas technicians fixed the oil leaks and delivered the crane to the customer in working condition.
  • All cranes were tested by Alatas TR technicians and delivered the crane to the customer in working condition.
  • The emergency stops on the cranes were checked. It appeared to be working completely. 
  • And finally, Alatas TR technicians renewed the 2nd crane emergency stop cable.

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