Deck Crane/Main And Aux Annual Wire Rope Inspections

Alatas ServiceOffshore, Field Service
LocationGoM, USA, Americas
Equipment TypeAHC KBC Deck Crane
CranesHuisman AHC6200

ALATAS Americas Inc was contracted to complete the following:

  • Annual Crane Wire Rope Inspections Completed with Electromagnetics (EMAG)
  • Visual Examinations of Crane Tugger Wire


Annual inspections are required per the client’s SOP.


  • AUS Field Service Technician mobilized to Port Fourchon, Louisiana, to meet with the vessel.

The vessel had a total 76mm Main Wire Length of ~ 10,000Ft Vessel sailed to central GoM to meet water depth to conduct complete wire inspections.

  • Alatas US Tech conducted Electromagnetic Wire Rope Inspection and as per ISO 4309 2017 visual examinations and Alatas Inspection Procedures.

AUS Installed EMAG Sensor Head at Boom Tip Area conducted calibrations/balance of EMAG system and commenced wire rope payout to Subsea. TOTAL Rope payout ~3,022Mtrs

  • AUS Technician confirmed remainder of wraps to drum (Limits)
  • Discussed with Vessel Management regs Pressure lubrication of Main rope which was carried out by Vessel personnel with Alatas assistance.
  • Post Pressure Lubrication of Main Wire Rope Exchanged wire rope inserts on EMAG Sensor Head to suit 30mm Aux Wire. Commenced Aux Wire inspection to Subsea.
  • Completed Aux Wire rope Inspections, De Rigged equipment and stored for return of the vessel to shore.
  • Commenced Visual examination of Crane Tugger Wires, ran out as needed to complete the visual examination.
  • AUS Completed ALL Deck Cranes wire to the client’s satisfaction with NO defective equipment.   


AUS Service team mobilized Port Fourchon For:

  • Annual Crane Wire Rope EMAG Inspections
  • Tugger Wire Inspections
  • Pressure Lubrication

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