Deck crane Jib Bearing change out

Alatas Service  Field Service Parts Supply  
Location  Asia / Indonesia/ Muara Berau Anchorage, Indonesia  
EquipmentMarine Deck Crane / Bulk Carrier
CranesMacGregor K5028-4HD  


The client asked Alatas Indonesia to conduct a deck crane Jib bearing change out during anchorage in Muara Berau, Indonesia, with a short turnaround time. The cranes passed testing with flying colors and were finished on time.


The client contacted ALATAS and requested ALATAS to carry out a 2x deck crane jib bearing change out at Muara Berau Anchorage – Indonesia, the scope included tools and personnel.


ALATAS deployed a multi-disciplined team consisting of a senior service engineer, a service engineer, and two technicians with jacking tools, stud bars, and a strong backplate to replace the jib bearing.

Job scope

  • Using a Hydraulic jack, removed the jib bearing pin shaft
  • Remove the bearing from the housing and replace it with the new one
  • Installed a jib bearing and a pin shaft
  • Function tested with load with a satisfactory result.

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