Alatas Turkey’s dedicated team of technicians embarked on a mission to inspect and assess the condition of a crane, situated in Garrucha, Spain. Following extensive checks and evaluations, they meticulously documented the crane’s damages, faults, and wear-and-tear, ultimately providing a comprehensive set of recommendations for addressing these issues.


Our skilled technicians from Alatas Turkey embarked on a journey to Garrucha, Spain, following communication with the client, to conduct a thorough inspection of a deck crane.


Alatas Turkey’s proficient technicians undertook an extensive assessment of the crane, relying on their expertise to develop a comprehensive list of recommendations.


Alatas Turkey’s skilled technicians journeyed to Spain’s Garrucha to meticulously inspect a deck crane. Their comprehensive assessment uncovered a series of critical issues that demand immediate attention.

Electrical Outlet Protection: The technicians pinpointed a damaged electrical outlet protection, necessitating an urgent replacement.

Brake Block Surface and Oil Tank Pipeline: Rust and corrosion had taken hold on the brake block surface, and excessive rust and corrosion were found within the oil tank pipeline, calling for immediate renewal.

Hoisting and Luffing Rope: The hoisting and luffing rope surfaces displayed low grease levels, with no slack detected in the luffing rope. This prompted a recommendation for their thorough renewal to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Electrical Wiring Harness: An unprotected electrical wiring harness was identified, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive maintenance procedure.

Brake Lining: The inspection brought to light the necessity of replacing the hoisting and luffing brake lining for enhanced crane functionality.

Oil Tank Level Indicator: The technicians determined that maintenance was crucial for the unsuitable oil tank level indicator.

Air Fan and Gres Oil Condition: The air fan showed signs of rust and corrosion, and the gres oil condition was far from satisfactory, requiring immediate attention.

Slew Bearing Bolts: Rust and corrosion were notably detected on the slew bearing bolts, necessitating their replacement to ensure safety and reliability.

Swivel Block and Cable Drum: Further investigation revealed an incorrect cable connection within the swivel block, and the cable drum was found to be severely corroded, mandating a comprehensive maintenance intervention.

Continuing with their diligent investigations, Alatas Turkey’s technicians identified an array of additional malfunctions and damages:

Rust and Corrosion: Rust and corrosion were identified on various components, including the slew bearing bolts, foot bearing bolts, electrical motor, and thimble surface. All these components were recommended for renewal to maintain crane integrity.

Cabin Interior: Inside the cabin, concerns included inappropriate welding, an unsuitable cabin wiper status, a non-functional spare heater on the cabin control panel, and damaged, rusted cabin front lighting. Renewal was the unanimous recommendation for these cabin-related issues.

Tower and Hook Block: The inspection spotlighted the disconnected hose on the tower, rust on the tower guards, rust and corrosion on the hook block surface, and damage and corrosion on the boom end parking bracket, all necessitating renewal.

Boom Tip Lighting and Boom Hoses: The technicians observed non-functioning boom tip lighting, excessive rust and corrosion in the boom hoses, and damage and corrosion on the rod to which the rope is attached, as well as on the bolts. For all these components, maintenance was recommended to ensure continued safe operation.

Tower Luffing Sheaves and Hook Block Sheaves: Recognizing the significance of these components, the technicians advised their replacement to optimize crane performance.

Lastly, the Alatas Turkey technicians emphasized the importance of replacing the top of the boom hoisting and luffing sheaves, further underlining their commitment to maintaining top-tier safety and efficiency standards.

In conclusion, Alatas Turkey’s unwavering dedication to safety and precision was evident as their expert technicians conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the crane in Garrucha, Spain. Their astute observations have identified critical issues and provided meticulous recommendations for maintenance and replacements, ensuring that the crane continues to operate at peak performance and uphold the highest safety standards in the maritime industry.


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