Deck Crane Inspection

Alatas ServiceField Service
locationEMEA, Belgium, Antwerp
Equipment TypeShip Crane / Deck Crane

intro/ summary

ALATAS Turkey engineer arrived on the ship and proposed fault identification and crane solutions.


The customers asked for help with an inspection to find if there was any trouble with the cranes.

Alatas’s Solution

The Alatas Turkey crew worked in two teams (morning and evening) to complete the job scope on time.

Full work scope

  • Attendance on board to check the elevator. 
  • Attend onboard Review of certification & maintenance records 
  • Inspection of steel structure & loose gears etc. according to our approved crane check-up lists 
  • Inspection and function testing of all main drive components 
  • Engine room, hydraulic and mechanical parts, oil cooler 
  • Checking of all-electric and electronic settings 
  • Checking all hydraulic settings 
  • Crane function test 
  • Crane safety systems test 
  • Hydraulic pumps leaking and pressure test 
  • Limit switch adjustment 
  • Hydraulic pressure adjustment 
  • Issue report with findings, recommendations, and parts list required for service


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