Deck Crane Hoist Reducing Gearbox and Motor Change Out

Alatas’ ServiceField Service Parts Supply  
Location  Asia/ Indonesia/ Tj Priok Anchorage, Jakarta
EquipmentShip cranes
CranesMarine Deck Crane / Bulker IHI SS300200-280B


The client has asked ALATAS Indonesia to troubleshoot the deck crane, provide the spare parts, and install, repair, and overhaul the parts. Tanjung Priok Anchorage in Jakarta, Indonesia, is where the work was completed. The cranes passed testing successfully and with perfect results.

The job is a follow-up to the previous recommendations in the inspection report that was done by ALATAS Indonesia. ALATAS also supplied the spare parts and has been contracted to attend onboard by the client to solve the problem.


ALATAS Indonesia supplied the spare parts and deployed one senior service engineer and three technicians to carry out this job.


  • Crane Hoist Reducer gearbox and motor (SS & DSS) Change out.
  • Hoist motor change out (SS & DSS Assembly)
  • Hoist reducer gear change out (assembly)
  • Hoist control valve overhaul

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