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Customer faced a challenging situation when their No. 4 crane boom sustained damage during loading operations. In response to this critical issue, the customer chose to offload the damaged boom for repair in our workshop. This article provides an in-depth look at how Alatas stepped in to address the problem and deliver a seamless solution.


The damage to the crane jib became evident after the second cross member due to mishandling during loading operations. Understanding the urgency and significance of repairing the boom, the customer turned to Alatas for assistance.

Alatas’ Solution:

Alatas’ Design & Engineering department played a pivotal role by crafting fabrication drawings and Repair Procedures, setting the stage for the intricate repair process. Our dedicated Workshop team meticulously removed all damaged sections of the jib and replaced them with new sections, adhering to the strict quality standards verified by an NKK surveyor.

While the rope sheaves underwent a thorough overhaul, new rope sheaves and pins were ordered promptly and delivered on time. In response to the customer’s request, we expertly installed the new rope sheaves and pins onto the repaired crane boom and separately sent the overhauled rope sheaves and pins to the vessel.

To ensure a successful reinstallation, Alatas’ Service Team was dispatched to attend to the on-board vessel. Upon completing the installation, our team also took charge of installing the hoisting and luffing wire rope for crane No. 4, conducting meticulous function and overload tests to guarantee the crane’s optimal performance.

Job Scope:

The scope of our job was extensive and required a high level of precision and expertise. The process involved several crucial steps:

  1. Removal and Offloading: Alatas’ Service Team was tasked with removing and offloading the damaged boom from the vessel. We organized sea and land transportation to safely pick up the damaged crane boom No. 4 from the anchorage and offload it to our workshop.
  2. Inspection and Alignment: Upon arrival at our workshop, we thoroughly examined the jib by cutting it at the damaged area and inspecting it while it was laid flat on the ground. We removed the cross member and verified the alignment of the jib hinge plate with the cut section, confirming it was straight. We also checked the straightness from the cut section to the jib head, where we found slight sideways bends in both the left and right jib legs.
  3. Replacement and Repair: To rectify the bent jib legs, we replaced 4,500mm on the right jib leg and 4,000mm on the left jib leg. The cross member was reused but had triangle plates replaced. We also expertly faired the left and right jib leg, ensuring both jib legs are straight from pivot plate to jib head.
  4. Welding and Testing: All welding processes were carried out with precision, including the welding of C-channels, stiffeners, and back plates. We conducted NKK class inspection before boxing up the sections and performed NDT (UT/MPI) on all weld repairs in the jib head and mid-section, with no defects found.
  5. Class Approval: The completed crane boom underwent a final inspection by an NKK class surveyor, who verified its dimensions and approved the repair. The repaired jib sections were painted with primer.
  6. Installation and Testing: Alatas’ Service Team installed the repaired crane No. 4 boom back on the vessel, performing column top rope sheaves change-outs and installing hoisting and luffing wire ropes. Function and overload tests were carried out successfully, ensuring the crane’s optimal performance and safety.

Conclusion: Alatas’ efficient and comprehensive approach to repairing and installing the crane No. 4 boom exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality reliable, and timely solutions for our valued clients. We take pride in our expert teams, state-of-the-art processes, and unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and efficiency of vital equipment in the maritime industry.

Crane Boom No.4 Accident Repair on Top Urgent Basis


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