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LocationEMEA, Turkey, Tuzla
Equipment TypeShip Cranes


The client contacted Alatas Turkey for the crane troubleshooting. Alatas technicians boarded the vessel for the task mentioned above. After boarding, the technicians completed the necessary inspections prior to troubleshooting the crane. They then tested the crane.  


After boarding the vessel, Alatas technicians did the necessary inspections before the crane troubleshooting. Once all checks were complete, they proceeded to troubleshoot Crane 1. Lastly, they checked the crane to ensure that it was functioning well.

Job scope

The technicians began to asses the vessel after boarding. They checked the hoisting’s joystick and hoisting pump pressure. They also checked PLC and found that the output signal was not working.

Next, they checked the hoisting limit and found that the limit switch was not working too. To address this problem, they set the hoisting limit.

Afterward, the crane was controlled by the vessel operator.

The technicians tested the crane with satisfactory results.


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