BRANDMCGREGOR / GL4525/4028/3629,1-2


Alatas Turkey technicians convened for a meeting before getting to work. They worked on controls such as solenoid valves, slack rope and limit switches, Plc cards, and cranes. After the inspection, the experts replaced the potentiometer. The experts gave several recommendations for the faults they discovered.


After reaching out to the customer, the Alatas Turkey personnel drove to Yalova to adjust the limit.

ALATAS’ Solution

Alatas Turkey technicians performed multiple checks and tests and then provided recommendations based on their findings.

Job Scope

Following their arrival aboard the vessel, the Alatas Turkey experts met with SE to discuss the problem. They saw that Crane No. 3 was immobile. The technicians examined the solenoid valves, slack rope switches, and Plc cards and found no faults. They then tested the limit switches and discovered that they were touching. They tested Crane No. 3 after adjusting the location of the switches and discovered that the problem had been resolved. Crane no. 3 was examined again, and the technicians discovered that the slack rope switches activated, preventing the crane from operating. A new wire rope was installed in its place. They tried it again after connecting the slack rope guide to a rope it was discovered that the problem had been resolved.

The Alatas Turkey specialists checked the crane and discovered that the hoisting and luffing systems were not working properly. The joystick potentiometer was discovered to be damaged after an inspection of the electrical system. The experts replaced the potentiometer with a new one, then tested the Crane again, and the problem was resolved. On the last day, the Alatas Turkey technicians tested Crane No. 3 and didn’t see any problem. Only the position of the joystick had to be put correct place.

  • Because the new hoisting wire ropes were damaged, experts advised replacing them.
  • The Luffing Deadeye Thimble was discovered to be connected to the wrong location. It has to be moved to the proper location.
  • The technicians discovered that the encoder of the luffing limit switch was missing and advised that it be installed accordingly.
  • The experts then adjusted and checked the limit switches, and they found no problems with them.
  • The Solenoid valve sockets were later discovered to be damaged. It was advised to replace it with a new one.
  • The specialists of Alatas Turkey then evaluated the dead eye thimbles of Crane 2 and discovered that they were mounted in the incorrect location, thus they suggested moving them.
  • Finally, the technicians disconnected all of the bypasses.

Checking the Crane No. 3


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