Crane No 1 Troubleshootıng in Bursa, Gemlik

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationEMEA, Turkey, Bursa, Gemlik
Equipment TypeShip Crane
Deck Crane
CranesDK III 45025/40028 NMF


Alatas Turkey technicians were on the vessel to troubleshoot the crane. They checked and measured the hoisting joystick. They renewed the top of the cables. They fixed the solenoid coils and recommended the replacement of the slewing PLC display.


The Alatas Turkey technicians checked the hoisting joystick to start the troubleshooting. They made some observations and measurements to find the faults and as a result of these checks, they made some renewals, arrangements, and recommendations. 


After they boarded the vessel, the Alatas Turkey technicians checked the hoisting joystick and they observed that it was in good condition. The register value of the joystick was detected to be between 0 – 0.7 A. Additionally, the joystick potentiometer resistance value was measured to be 2 k ohm. 

The technicians checked the joysticked cables and detected corrosion on them. The cables were then replaced and reconnected.

Crane slewing directions were observed as opposite directions. When they tried to turn left, the crane turned right. The technicians of Alatas Turkey fixed the solenoid coils and the system started working correctly. 

Slewing pumps of coils could not be found.

Slewing PLC display was defective. The technicians recommended renewal.

Electrical panel components arrangement was necessary.

On the last observation, the Alatas Turkey technicians observed an abnormal noise was coming from the pumps and hydraulic motors during the operation.


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