Crane Hook Block Overhaul & Load Test of Crane

BRAND / MODELDKII 120016 / 550033 (SWL 120Ton)


Our client has tasked ALATAS Singapore with repairing and overhauling a crane hook block and conducting an overload test on a crane anchored in Singapore. Due to the vessel’s urgent berthing schedule, this work must be completed within three days.


The main crane hook block is rusty and requires overhaul, including part replacement. ALATAS Singapore has been commissioned to carry out the repair, overhaul, and subsequent overload test of the crane.

ALATAS Solution:

We have assigned a team of engineers and technicians with diverse expertise to the anchorage to remove the crane hook block using hot work and hydraulic jacking tools. Subsequently, the hook block will be transported to the ALATAS workshop for repairs and overhaul. Finally, we will reinstall the crane hook block and conduct an overload test using water bags and calibrated load cells, with a target load of 132 tons.

Job Scope:

  • Review the drawing of the hook block.
  • Remove the hook block using hot work and hydraulic jacking tools.
  • Transport the hook block to the ALATAS workshop for repair and part replacement.
  • Deliver the repaired hook block to the vessel at the anchorage.
  • Reinstall the hook block.
  • Conduct an overload test on the crane using calibrated load cells and water bags.
  • Test load: 132 tons.

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