When Alatas Turkey’s team of expert technicians embarked on a journey to Spain, their mission was clear: to address and resolve critical issues on a vessel. Their journey began with meticulous checks, ensuring no stone was left unturned. After successfully completing the comprehensive inspection process, our Alatas Turkey technicians were prepared to provide valuable recommendations.


These dedicated technicians from Alatas Turkey were in Spain with a specific mission in mind—to inspect the starboard side windlass and rectify any issues they encountered.

Alatas’ Solution

Our skilled team at Alatas Turkey kicked off the operation by conducting rigorous checks, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Based on their findings, they formulated a set of recommendations aimed at resolving the identified problems.

Job Scope

Upon arrival in Spain, our Alatas Turkey technicians wasted no time getting to work. During a crucial board meeting at 13:00, they initiated an inspection of the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), which promptly revealed a concerning issue related to the axial rotation of the rope drum on the starboard side windlass. Further visual inspection uncovered potential damage to the shaft, shaft housing, and bushings, which was believed to be the root cause of the starboard windlass’s axial rotation problem.

To address these issues effectively, the Alatas Turkey technicians recommended a comprehensive action plan. This plan included a thorough examination and replacement of the bearing bush and bush housing, measurement and maintenance of the main shaft’s diameter, and an inspection of the gearbox bearing housing. In addition, our technicians identified the control block as being in poor condition and requiring immediate maintenance.

The team also measured hydraulic pump pressures, revealing a pressure reading of 28 mPa. Notably, when the starboard windlass was powered by two pumps, it operated at a normal speed. However, a decrease of 50% in speed was observed when powered by a single pump, indicating the need for maintenance on the hydromotor and control block. Further issues were discovered, including wear and tear on the STB windlass brake line and brake pads, prompting our technicians to recommend their renewal.

To ensure the windlass’s optimal performance, the control block underwent a detailed inspection. Our technicians noted issues such as a non-functional pressure gauge and pressure gauge point and the windlass’s inability to operate at normal speed without the support of two pumps.

Our Alatas Turkey technicians, armed with extensive experience and expertise, were committed to delivering a thorough assessment and solution for the starboard side windlass, ensuring the vessel’s safety and functionality.


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