Change Out of Luffing Wire Ropes In Tuzla

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationEMEA, Turkey, Istanbul, Tuzla
Equipment TypeShip Crane


The Alatas Turkey technicians were on the vessel to change out the luffing wire ropes. They had a meeting with the shipyard engineer. They conducted the removal of old wire rope thimble and old luffing wire rope. They installed the new luffing wire rope and conducted a test to ensure proper condition.


Alatas Turkey technicians conducted the removal and installation of the luffing wire ropes.


  • The technicians first conducted a meeting with the shipyard engineer after they attended to the vessel.
  • The technicians removed the old wire rope thimble then they transferred the new wire rope to the vessel.
  • They removed the old luffing wire rope of Crane No. 2. The new wire rope installation operation started.
  • The technicians installed the new luffing wire rope of Crane No. 2 and tested the Crane.
  • The Alatas Turkey technicians did the same process for Crane No 1, 3, and 4. After they tested the cranes, they delivered them to the shipyard in good condition.

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