Chain Coupling Renewal In Tuzla

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The Alatas Turkey experts visited the vessel to replace the chain coupling. They removed the couplings, increased the inner diameter, and then made the necessary modifications. They turned on the pump before checking the couplings.


Alatas Turkey technicians were on the ship to replace the chain couplings. They completed all the required disassemblies. After all the tests and observations, they put them back together after repairing the damages.


Technicians from Alatas Turkey disassembled the couplings. They put the couplings back together after increasing the inner diameter. The modifications were then made. They turned on the pump before inspecting the couplings.


  • The couplings were first disassembled by the technicians since the gear on the shaft was not working properly. They were then lowered to the ship’s workshop, heated, and pulled out with a puller.
  • Since the new coupling’s gear has an inner diameter that is 1 mm less than the previous gear, the technicians increased the inner diameter by turning the gear on a lathe machine in the ship’s workshop. After that, two gears were installed in position.
  • For the rest of the job, the Alatas TR technicians adjusted. They started the pump and checked the couplings.
  • The technicians observed that there was no problem with the controls.
  • The specialists from Alatas Turkey have also replaced 2 chain couplings on the number 3 crane.

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