Cargo Ramp Repair

Alatas ServiceMerchant Shipping
LocationBremerton, WA, USA, Americas
Equipment TypeB-C Deck Cargo Ramp 

ALATAS Americas was contracted to complete a full accident investigation, engineering & repair of a cargo ramp


The cargo ramp was lowered during a mission, and one of the locking dogs did not fully unlock.  This caused the ramp to lower under slack cables until the locking dog was bent and the ramp came down.  During this time, it shock-loaded the ramp structure and bent the main side frame and the sheave plate.


ALATAS immediately dispatched a service engineer to conduct an accident investigation.  The investigation and condition evaluation allowed ALATAS to offer a complete turnkey engineered repair solution, including an onsite team for repair.  All repairs were presented and accepted by ABS and the Military Sealift Command.


  • Conducted an Initial accident investigation & condition evaluation
  • Issued the attending service engineer a data collection form to ensure all variables were captured
  • The report from the attending service engineer was reviewed and dissected by the ALATAS in-house engineering team.
  • The ALATAS engineering team completed a complete engineered step-by-step repair procedure.
  • ALATAS spare parts dept. was in charge of procuring all of the parts required for the repairs (steel, beams, insulation, sheaves)
  • ALATAS onsite team prepared the equipment and dispatched it to the site
  • Delivered all the materials to the vessel and began the repairs
  • Removed the damaged items
  • Braced the ramp structure and cut out the damaged sections
  • Installed the new steel and welded
  • Installed the remaining components
  • Completed NDT inspections
  • Completed watertight testing utilizing an ultrasonic test kit
  • Completed ramp load testing
  • Completed final inspections
  • ABS & Military Sealift Command signed off on all repairs
  • ALATAS painted all areas and installed new insulation as required
  • ALATAS handed over the cargo ramp, and the vessel was put back into readiness status.

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