Cargo Crane Inspection & Troubleshooting for Crane In Morocco, Tanger



To inspect and troubleshoot the cargo crane, the Alatas TR personnel went to Morocco. They noticed an odd noise while inspecting the crane. As a result, they performed additional tests on the braking discs, solenoid valves, hoisting hydraulic motors, and pump pressure. They started the process of repairing the damages after discovering various flaws, such as leaks.


The Alatas specialists visited the ship to inspect the crane in order to identify and address any issues.


The Alatas Turkey specialists thoroughly tested and inspected the crane before repairing any faults they discovered.


  • The Alatas Turkey technicians traveled to Morocco to service the vessel. Following a discussion with the ship’s crew, they began the Crane’s testing. The specialists saw that during the first 10 minutes, the main pump grew incredibly hot. The pump made an odd noise when the hook block moved. The experts then discovered that the pump’s hydraulic hoses were leaking and its fittings were rusted and worn out. They saw that the hydraulic hoisting motor’s condition was poor. The hoisting hydraulic motor made an odd noise and leaked when the hoist was in motion.
  • Then the technicians found that the hydraulic motor’s hoses were leaking.
  • After that, the experts tested the Crane for 30 minutes without pausing and they saw that the hoisting brake was holding by itself. The contractors and solenoid valves were also inspected, and it was discovered that both had poor conditions.
  •      The Alatas TR technicians recommended the hoisting hydraulic motor and pump, the brake discs and brake hydraulic line, the solenoid valves and electronic devices, and all the hydraulic hoses need to be maintained and if necessary replaced with new ones.
  • Finally, the specialists examined the filters and found that they were dusty and that several broken motors or pumps had been left there.

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