Cargo Crane Damaged Area Renewal



As the vessel set sail for Kenya on its meticulously planned voyage, an unexpected challenge emerged. The critical cargo crane jib, an indispensable part of the vessel’s equipment, was found to be damaged. The vessel owners were in a quandary, as they needed a prompt solution that would not disrupt their voyage.


The vessel’s voyage to Kenya was not just a routine journey; it involved intricate planning and execution. It was on this journey that the cargo crane jib was discovered to be in dire need of repair. The vessel owners faced a unique challenge: how to renew the damaged jib without derailing their voyage plans.

ALATAS’ Solution

In the face of this challenge, ALATAS Middle East stepped in to provide a solution that was both efficient and effective. The company undertook the repair work, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with the vessel’s voyage schedule. The key to this success was the ability to renew the jib without requiring the vessel to change its intended course.

The repair work was executed within a local workshop in Kenya, allowing for quick and precise maintenance. ALATAS meticulously followed a repair proposal crafted under strict class purview to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

Job Scope

The scope of the project undertaken by ALATAS Middle East was comprehensive and well-organized.

  1. Creation of the Repair Proposal: ALATAS designed a meticulous repair proposal that outlined the steps and resources needed to renew the cargo crane jib while adhering to the vessel’s schedule.
  2. Dismantling the Cargo Crane Boom: The skilled team at ALATAS ensured the safe and careful dismantling of the cargo crane boom, preparing it for renewal.
  3. Steel Renewal on the Boom: Renewal work on the cargo crane boom was carried out with precision and expertise to restore it to its full functionality.
  4. Installation of the Boom and Load Testing: Once the renewal work was completed, ALATAS installed the boom and conducted rigorous load testing on the crane to guarantee its safe and efficient operation.

In summary, ALATAS Middle East’s prompt and precise solution allowed the vessel to continue its voyage to Kenya without disruption. This case showcases ALATAS’ commitment to providing top-tier services in the maritime industry, ensuring vessels can sail smoothly even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Inspected damage on the Crane

Dismantling Luffing cylinder and boom

Repairing of the Boom

Installing the Boom

Operation test, rocking test and load testing of the Crane


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