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 For cable and wire drum maintenance, the customer engaged Alatas Turkey personnel. First, they cut and removed the bolts while tending to the vessel. The wire and cable were moved. The appropriate disassemblies were made, and the drums were then put back together.


The Alatas TR specialists were asked to repair the damage since the connection bolts were corroded.


Since the connecting bolts were corroded, the Alatas Turkey specialists cut and removed the bolts. After mending them, they put the drums back together.


  •   Since the connecting bolts were rusty, the technicians first cut and removed the bolts. The scaffolding above the drums prevents them from being lowered onto the deck. The scaffolds were raised, the drums prepared for disassembly, and secured with a single bolt.
  •  The technicians removed and transported the cable and wire drums of cranes 3 and 4 after the scaffolding that was impeding the drum transfers was quickly removed.
  • The specialists found that the drums’ bottom plates are extremely thin as a result of severe corrosion. Additionally, they suggested upgrading or bolstering the plates. Next, they cut the connecting bolts on crane number 2’s drums to prepare them for disassembly.
  •      The technicians dismantled and transported the last of the number 1 crane’s cable and wire drums on the previous workday. All of the drums were moved to our workshop.
  •      All the drums moved to our workshop were transported back to the ship because the maintenance procedure was canceled. The technicians have finished putting the drums that were transported to the ship together. Eight cable drums in total were taken apart, then without performing any maintenance, they were reassembled in accordance with the inspector’s instructions.

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