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The Alatas Turkey technicians traveled to Germany and attended to the vessel. The technicians dismantled the hydraulic port cabins from the old cabins and transferred them to the new ones. They made the necessary disassemblies like the luffing, hoisting joysticks, and hydraulic hoses. They made the connections needed, such as luffing joystick hydraulic hose connections, electrical panel cable connections, wiper cable connections, and final test.


The Alatas Turkey technicians went to Germany and started working on the cabin change-out.

ALATAS’ Solution

Alatas Turkey technicians were on board to work on disassembling the cabins and connections.

Job Scope

  • Alatas technicians traveled to Germany. The specialists dismantled the number 2 cabin hydraulic port from the old cabin and transferred it to the new one. They moved the luffing and hoisting joysticks and The hydraulic hoses in the old cabin to the new one. They then worked on the hydraulic hose connections for the luffing joystick.
  • The new cabin assembly of crane number 2 was carried out with the shipyard employees.
  • The technicians dismantled the number 1 cabin hydraulic port from the old cabin and transferred it to the new one. They replaced all hydraulic hoses in the number 1 crane cabin with new hoses.
  • Alatas TR team members worked on the Luffing joystick and hydraulic hose connections in the new cabin.
  • The technicians made the electrical panel cable connections in the number 2 Crane and connected the heater and horn on the number 2 crane.
  • They connected the hoses coming from the hydraulic tank.
  • The technicians made the hoisting joystick and hydraulic hose connections on the number 1 Crane.
  • They started the connections of the electrical cable on crane number 1. They connected the hoses from the hydraulic tank and connected the wiper cable.
  • The technicians made electrical panel cable connections in the number 1 Crane. Number 1 Crane was ready for testing. But It was found that the jib was not going down when testing the number 2 Crane. The Alatas Turkey technicians determined that the bypass switch key caused the problem.
  • The Alatas Turkey specialists resolved the problem with the bypass switch key, and the crane was ready for testing.

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