Boom repair job in Gdynia, Poland



Following the repair protocol supplied by Alatas, the boom damage repair was carried out in accordance with DNV requirements. The visiting DNV surveyor approved the repair, which involved replacing two heel pin bearings and pins in addition to doing load testing and NDT.


The crane was involved in an accident during operation, resulting in a collision with a second crane’s parking rest structure. This caused a major dent on the side of the boom.

Alatas’ Solution

Alatas replaced the damaged part of the steel structure according to an approved class repair procedure. The repair was carried out by a team of experienced service technicians, certified welders, and an NDT inspector.

Job Scope

Alatas Poland provided a complete boom repair procedure, which was issued to and approved by DNV. The repair included the following steps:

  1. Inspection and Recommendations:
    • Recommended the replacement of heel pin bearings due to major side load causing misalignments.
  2. Execution:
    • Removed luffing and hoisting wires.
    • Placed the boom onto hatch covers.
    • Cut out the dented portion of the boom and replaced it with new steel plates.
    • Fitted and welded the new plates onto the boom under close inspection by the attending DNV surveyor.
  3. Testing and Reassembly:
    • Conducted NDT testing for 100% of the welds.
    • Reinstalled the boom onto the main column.
    • Spooled luffing and hoisting wires back using a hydraulic spooler unit.
    • Performed overload tests and functional tests, which were satisfactorily witnessed by the DNV surveyor.


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