Boom Hinge Repair on 120T Deck Crane

Alatas Service
Field Service
Australia, Melbourne

Equipment Type
120T Heavy Lift Deck Crane
CranesNMF, type DK II 120T


The vessel is equipped with two DKII 120016 / 55033 heavy lift cranes, each with a capability of 120 tons and a combined lift capacity of 240 tons. Crane 1 began to generate noise as it moved the boom. Our Engineer concluded that the boom foot has been damaged, and the bearing on the shaft has seized. A new boom hinge assembly must be purchased and installed.


As the NMF deck crane specialist, ALATAS sourced and supplied a new boom hinge piece complete with assembled bearing and heel pin. This was transported from Alatas Shanghai to the Australian ships. 
In collaboration with a local contractor, we then deployed our professional engineer to monitor the boom hinge pin and bearing repair, including function testing and proof load testing.


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