Annual Wire Rope Inspections

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LocationGeorgetown, Guyana, Americas
Equipment TypeCrawler Crane
CranesManitiwoc Mobile Crawler Crane

ALATAS Americas Inc completed its annual crane wire rope inspection and additional services to ensure the readiness of the client’s crawler crane.


As per the client’s SOP, annual inspections are a requirement.


  • AUS Field Service Technician mobilized to Guyana.
  • Alatas US Tech conducted Electromagnetic Wire Rope Inspection and ISO 4309 2017 visual examinations and Alatas Inspection Procedures.
  • AUS Installed EMAG Sensor Head at Drum Area Hoisting Drum and Boom Hoisting Drums and placed the crane on Multi Fall Block to avoid placing wire on to ground confirmed calibrations/balance of EMAG system and ran out rope.
  • AUS Technician confirmed remainder of wraps to drum (Limits)
  • AUS Technician confirmed applicable lubrication was required on the rope secured with appropriate photographs.
  • In the client’s presence, verified payout of rope and explained software interpretations.
  • Relocated EMAG equipment to Boom Hoisting Drums and completed EMAG inspections.
  • AUS Completed ALL wire inspections to the client’s satisfaction with NO defective equipment.


AUS Service team mobilized Guyana for:

  • Annual Crane Wire Rope Inspections
  • Pressure Lubrication


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