Annual Inspections and Remedial work

EQUIPMENT  Multiple crane types on one vessel plus the cable-lay carousel
BRAND / MODELKnuckle Boom Crane, LARS Crane, ROV Crane, Provisions Crane Various, including HS Marine, TTS Hydralift, and Aukra


What began as a routine annual inspection of multiple cranes on a client’s vessel swiftly evolved into a multifaceted mission encompassing fault identification and comprehensive repairs right on-site.


While our offshore service team was on the vessel to conduct scheduled inspections, the client presented us with an additional challenge—the carousel, a critical component, was experiencing operational issues.

Alatas’ Solution:

Our offshore service team’s response was swift and meticulous. We restructured our priorities based on the key scopes identified during the inspections. Our commitment was clear: when the client’s vessel left the dock, every piece of equipment had to be in perfect working order. We also provided follow-up quotes for any non-urgent remedial work that needed attention at a later date.

Job Scope:

The extensive job scope we undertook on this project encompassed a wide array of tasks, ensuring the vessel’s equipment and systems were in impeccable condition. These included annual inspections of 10-ton KBC cranes, the replacement of the local control hydraulic block, inspections of slew ring bolts, as well as hose inspections and replacements. We didn’t stop there; our provision cranes and A-frame received annual inspections, and the LARS system was carefully assessed, including accumulator top-up. Additionally, we conducted thorough annual inspections for the ROV crane, examined slew ring bolts, and even replaced extension cylinders. The scope extended to various brake pack replacements and comprehensive carousel pinion inspections.

In the face of evolving challenges, Alatas demonstrated its commitment to excellence, ensuring the client’s vessel was not only inspected but made fully operational, ready to take on the demands of the sea with confidence.


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