Refurbishing of SMAG Motor Grab in Alatas Workshop

Alatas ServiceGrab Overhaul
LocationALATAS Singapore Workshop
Equipment TypeMotor Grab
Vessel TypeBulker Vessel
CranesSMAG PEINER, Type MZGL 14000-6-B-S


The motor grabs on board are 13 years old and had corrosion damage and the steel structure was partially wasted. As part of the vessel’s life extension program, the owners decided to completely refurbish and overhaul the grabs.


ALATAS is an approved service station for SMAG Peiner Grabs and also for Guven Grabs. The complete work scope was awarded to Alatas and was carried out at Alatas Singapore’s steel fabrication workshop:


  • Dismantling of grab scoops, steering arms, hydraulic aggregate, and grab lifting cylinders
  • Overhaul of all grab components, such as grab cylinders, hydraulic pump, valve block, and electric motor
  • Fabrication of grab scoops including welding of new Hardox lips onto grab bucket
  • Renewing of grab hinge pins and bushes
  • Full grab function testing
  • Issuing comprehensive repair documentation including all test reports, dimensional reports, and material certificates

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