Accommodation Ladder Load Test



Alatas Singapore, a trusted name in maritime solutions, recently embarked on a vital mission to ensure the safety and reliability of accommodation and gangway ladders. Our client entrusted us with the task of conducting load tests for these critical components while anchored at sea. This undertaking underlines our unwavering commitment to maritime safety and excellence.


Accommodation and gangway ladders play a pivotal role in the maritime industry, facilitating the safe embarkation and disembarkation of crew and passengers. To guarantee their continued safe use, these ladders must undergo periodic load testing. This is essential to ensure that they can bear the expected loads and maintain their structural integrity.

Alatas’ Solution:

Our dedicated team at Alatas Singapore, comprising experienced engineers and technicians, devised a meticulous solution. We set up a load test using 375-kg-capacity bolster bags equipped with calibrated flow meters to precisely measure the loads being applied. This solution not only ensures the safety of the equipment but also enhances the reliability of our testing process.

Job Scope:

Our thorough approach involved conducting a load test for the accommodation ladder on the port side, simulating a load of 5,775 kilograms in accordance with the previous load test certificate. We achieved this by using water bolster bags, all while being supervised by the superintendent and chief officer. Furthermore, we meticulously recorded the deflection measurements of the ladder, capturing data before, during, and after the load test to guarantee its structural integrity.


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