5 Yearly Maintenance and Reactivation of Vessel’s Deck Crane

(Favelle Favco Crane, 7.5/10K)



We are excited to share our recent endeavor involving a newly acquired vessel equipped with a Favelle Favco deck crane, destined for a significant Saudi Aramco project. The vessel was scheduled for its mandatory 5-year maintenance and re-activation, and ALATAS played a pivotal role in ensuring its readiness for deployment.


Our client sought our expertise to initiate the process with an initial inspection and evaluation of the crane’s condition, known as the Crane Condition Evaluation (CCE). Following this, the comprehensive 5-yearly maintenance scope was carried out, accompanied by extensive overhauling of hydraulic components. To ensure the crane’s reliability and safety, we conducted functional tests, proof load tests, and post-load tests with Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), all under the watchful eye of ABS and BV Class surveyors.


ALATAS Middle East, renowned for its expertise in crane maintenance and repair, executed the entire project, divided into two crucial phases, ensuring the crane’s impeccable condition and performance.


Phase 1 (AME23Q12197 – CCE + 5 Yearly Inspection): In this initial phase, we conducted a thorough assessment and inspection, which included:

  1. Visual Inspection: A meticulous visual examination to identify any visible issues.
  2. MPI of Load Path Components: Magnetic Particle Inspection to assess the integrity of load-bearing components.
  3. Rocking Motion Test: To evaluate the crane’s stability and motion.
  4. MPI & Retorquing of Slew Bolts (20%): Ensuring the proper torque and integrity of pivotal components.
  5. Grease Sample Analysis: Evaluating the quality and effectiveness of lubrication.

Job Scope – Phase 2 (AME23Q22375 – Maintenance & Repairs): The second phase encompassed an extensive range of tasks to rejuvenate the crane and enhance its functionality:

  1. Renewal of Cabin Windshield Wiper Kit: Ensuring clear visibility from the cabin.
  2. Renewal of Aviation Lights & Flood Lights: Enhancing safety and visibility during operations.
  3. Main Winch Wire Terminator Test: Removal, proof-load testing, and reinstallation for reliability.
  4. Grease Tape Sealing/Wrapping of Slew Bolts: Ensuring proper lubrication and protection of pivotal parts.
  5. Brake Band Adjustment of Auxiliary (Fly) Winch: For precise control.
  6. Wire Rope Unwinding: For Luffing, Main, and Fly winches.
  7. Winch Overhauls: Removing and reinstalling fly, main hoist, and luffing winches for comprehensive servicing.
  8. Swing Motor & Brake Assembly Maintenance: Ensuring smooth rotation.
  9. Brake Band Lining Renewal: For main, luffing, and fly winches.
  10. Supply and Installation of New Oil Cooler Unit: Enhancing cooling efficiency.
  11. Limit Switch Testing and Adjustment: Ensuring precise crane operation.
  12. Cooler Fan Motor Overhauling: To maintain optimal cooling.
  13. Hydraulic Flexible Hose Replacement: Enhancing hydraulic system reliability.
  14. Wire Rope Re-reeving: Essential for functional testing.
  15. Proof Load Test Witnessed by ABS & BV Class Surveyors: Verifying safe load-bearing capacity.
  16. Post Load Test with NDT Checks: Ensuring the crane’s structural integrity.
  17. Troubleshooting: Addressing any electrical control faults in the main hoist.
  18. Electrical Wiring Reconnection: Ensuring proper functionality of floodlights and aviation lights.
  19. Installation of New Wiper Water Pump Switch and Hose Connection: Enhancing cabin amenities.
  20. Emergency Load Lowering (Fly Hoist) Function Test: Confirming safety features.

At ALATAS, our commitment to excellence shines through in every project, ensuring that critical equipment like the Favelle Favco deck crane performs at its best for our clients’ important endeavors.

Crane Condition Evaluation (CCE) + 5 Yearly Inspection

Crane Condition Evaluation (CCE) + 5 Yearly Inspection

Maintenance / Repair

Maintenance / Repair


Load Test


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