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LocationEMEA, Turkey, Istanbul
Equipment TypeShip Crane Boom Bearing


The client contacted Alatas Turkey for the replacement of 3 boom bearings. Alatas technicians boarded the vessel for the task mentioned above.


After boarding the vessel, Alatas technicians placed the boom on the containers. Electricians fixed the luffing fault. Preparations and observations were made, and the bearing fastening process was started.

Job scope

After attending the vessel, Alatas TR technicians placed the boom on the containers, which is the most suitable area for removing the boom tip reels.

The electrician fixed the luffing fault; the ropes were empty.

Alatas technicians made the preparations for sheaves dismantling. They then did the boom tip sheaves dismantling. The technicians observed during disassembly and determined that three roller bearings were broken. Since a bearing and a luffing pulley were rubbing against each other, thinning occurred in the reels.

Then Alatas technicians cleaned the rollers and roller bearings and started the bearing fastening process.

Bearing and pin mounted by Alatas technicians. Our technicians assembled the sheaves group and made it ready for assembly.

Because the broken bearing on the hosting sheaves damaged the bearing, it was observed by Alatas technicians that there were gaps in the sheaves bearing housing after the new bearing set. Alatas technicians informed the company inspector Halil Bulut about the situation and recommended changing it. Since the ship had to sail, with Halil Bulut’s approval, the sheaves were assembled without processing or replacing them.

Lastly, Alatas TR technicians tested and delivered the crane.


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