25.4t Used Spreader beam Refurbishment, Installation and Testing in Hong Kong



Alatas Hong Kong has been entrusted with the task of rejuvenating a pre-owned spreader beam within the confines of our state-of-the-art Alatas Workshop. Following a meticulous refurbishment process, this beam will be expertly installed onboard, seamlessly connecting it to the IHI deck crane. The culmination of this effort will be a rigorous function testing phase, ensuring its top-notch performance.


The proficient Alatas Workshop team successfully restored the mechanical components, hydraulic systems, and electrical cabinets of the spreader beam.

Subsequently, the Alatas Service Team expertly carried out the onsite installation, seamlessly integrating the refurbished spreader beam.

They then conducted meticulous testing to ensure the beam’s optimal functionality in its new location.


ALATAS Hong Kong recently undertook an extensive refurbishment project, breathing new life into a disassembled spreader. The diligent refurbishment process encompassed a myriad of components, culminating in the installation and rigorous testing phase. Here’s a detailed rundown of the project:

Frame Reconstruction and Inspection:

  • The spreader arrived at our ALATAS Hong Kong workshop in a disassembled state.
  • Our experts performed weld repairs on the frame and conducted a thorough DPI (Dye Penetrant Inspection) on critical welded areas to ensure structural integrity.

Hydraulic System Enhancements:

  • The hydraulic tank received a fresh coat of paint, providing both aesthetic appeal and protection.
  • We meticulously cleaned the tank’s interior, ensuring optimal performance.
  • A new breather filter was installed to maintain a clean and efficient hydraulic system.
  • A new sight glass was incorporated for easy monitoring of fluid levels.
  • The hydraulic pump underwent rigorous testing on our specialized test stand.

Electric Component Upgrades:

  • Electric motor bearings, fan, and cover were replaced to enhance the motor’s reliability.
  • The spreader’s balancing cylinder and twist lock cylinder were rigorously tested.
  • Six flipper arm motors and six hydraulic valve blocks underwent comprehensive testing.
  • Crescent gears and gearbox shafts were meticulously checked using DPI, with new components replacing any that displayed signs of fatigue or fretting surface damage.
  • Defective and cracked gears were promptly replaced.
  • The gearbox casing was cleaned and painted before reassembly.

Flipper Arm and Gearbox Refurbishment:

  • The flipper arm motor was successfully installed.
  • A new drive gear bearing was incorporated to ensure smooth operation.
  • Pyramid bushes were machined and replaced as necessary, with new pins installed.
  • The pyramid structure was dressed and painted for both aesthetics and longevity.
  • Bent landing pins were straightened and retaped.
  • Any twist lock fixing pin bolts that had worn down were drilled out and retaped.

Hydraulic System Optimization:

  • The tank line filter was replaced for improved filtration.
  • All hydraulic hoses were replaced to ensure reliability.
  • Solenoid valve connectors were changed, and the solenoid valve function was rigorously checked.
  • The twist lock assembly was seamlessly installed.
  • Three faulty contactors were replaced, and terminal connectors were updated.
  • A faulty sensor was swapped out for a new one.
  • Additionally, a missing junction box was installed.

Final Assembly and Testing:

  • Faulty twist lock sensors were replaced, and their functionality was verified using a VFD drive.
  • The fully refurbished spreader beam was delivered to the site via a crane lorry.
  • We meticulously installed the A-frame on the spreader.
  • The flipper arms were expertly installed.
  • Finally, the spreader beam was smoothly installed with the crane and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure its optimal performance.

ALATAS Hong Kong’s commitment to excellence shines through in this comprehensive refurbishment project, delivering enhanced functionality and reliability to our valued clients.

The Spreader was delivered to ALATAS Hong Kong workshop in disassembled condition and the frame has been weld repaired and DPI has been done on the critical welded structure of the frame.


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