May 5, 2022

gottwald boom repairs

Intro / summary ALATAS Procures Materials & Completes Emergent Boom Repairs. Background Crane was involved in a clamshell grab collision that caused two lacings and a minor cable portion to be damaged. Crane was involved in a clamshell grab collision which damaged two lacings & a small cord section. Alatas’s solution ALATAS was contacted to […]

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luffing rack exchange

Alatas Service Field Service Location Amelia, LA,USA Equipment Type Deck Crane / Mast Crane Cranes Huisman OMC400 Intro / summary ALATAS was contracted to complete an engineered procedure & onsite luffing rack replacement Background The crane has been in service for seven years with little downtime and working extensive duty cycles.  The luffing racks were

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Annual Wire Rope Inspections

Alatas Service Job report Company News Merchant Shipping Location Georgetown, Guyana, Americas Equipment Type Crawler Crane Cranes Manitiwoc Mobile Crawler Crane ALATAS Americas Inc completed its annual crane wire rope inspection and additional services to ensure the readiness of the client’s crawler crane. BACKGROUND As per the client’s SOP, annual inspections are a requirement. ALATAS

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5 Yearly Load Testing

Alatas Service Field Service Workshop Repair Parts Supply Equipment Sales System Upgrades Engineering Managed Crane Contracts Location Amelia, USA, Americas Equipment Type Deck Crane/Mast Crane Cranes Huisman OMC400 ALATAS was contracted to carry out overload testing & hook block NDT as per ABS requirements FULL WORK SCOPE ALATAS mobilized its load testing kit ALATAS Americas

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