100 T Hook Block Maintenance In Istanbul



Alatas Turkey, a respected name in the industry, recently embarked on a challenging project to inspect and refurbish a vital component: the hook block. This article delves into the background, the challenges faced, and the meticulous solution offered by Alatas Turkey’s skilled technicians.


The hook block, an essential component of many lifting systems, has endured the rigors of time and usage. The need for maintenance became evident when the client sought the expertise of Alatas Turkey for assistance. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Alatas Turkey engaged their team of technicians to assess and address the issues.


The Alatas Turkey technician team embarked on a comprehensive inspection of the hook block, unearthing several critical recommendations that would ultimately rejuvenate its functionality and safety.


The process of bearing replacement was proposed by the technicians to ensure smoother operation and a longer lifespan for the sheave. Additionally, identifying the need for a free turn-bearing renewal was crucial to ensure operational safety. Damaged seals were promptly replaced to prevent potential leaks and further deterioration. The technicians also identified damaged bolts and promptly replaced them to preserve structural integrity.

To restore the appearance of the hook block and protect it from corrosion, comprehensive blasting and repainting were recommended. Following the sandblasting process, the hooks underwent NDT magnetic testing, which revealed a small crack at the safety latch connection pad. Demonstrating their commitment to safety, Alatas Turkey technicians subjected the 100-ton hook to a maximum load of 140 tons, which it successfully withstood.

After the tensile test, the hook was disassembled and prepared for NDT inspection and painting at the Alatas workshop. The hook received an initial primer coat followed by a final coat of paint compliant with offshore regulations. Before assembly, the technicians meticulously cleaned the hook, sheaves, and newly mounted bearings to ensure optimal performance.

Meticulous attention to detail was paid during the process, with black paint used to mark the hook and a final retouch applied to the overall paint. The fully restored hook was securely positioned on a freshly painted stand’s bed, ready to resume its duty with confidence.

Their rigorous inspection, expert repairs, and comprehensive restoration of the hook block have not only extended its operational life but also guaranteed its reliability in demanding lifting operations. Alatas Turkey remains a trusted partner in the heavy machinery and equipment industry, consistently delivering top-tier solutions for critical components such as the hook block.

Inspection of the hook

A small crack in the place of the safty latch connection pad

Painting the hook

The assembly process of the hook


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