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Jekko Cranes

Alatas Middle East has signed an exclusive contract with Ormet Company to distribute Jekko Minicranes in GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates), Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan, Yemen, Iran.

Alatas Middle East can supply:

Jekko Minicranes Jekko Minipickers Jekko Spiderlifts Jekko Vacuum tech


Company Background

ORMET SpA has grown over the last 10 years within the lifting and handling equipment sector and is part of an industrial group that has been working in this field for more than 25 years. We are located in the province of Treviso, at the foot of the Venitian Prealps, in the industrial area between Conegliano and Pordenone. ORMET SpA lies on a surface of 8,000 sqm, 4,000 of which are indoors, and employs 35 people. Since its establishment, the main activity of marketing truck-installed loading cranes has expanded to include several products and different technical solutions as well as accessories such as lifting baskets, destined to the implementation of lifting and selflevelling platforms and gripping devices (trunk buckets, loose material grabs, etc.) for the enhancement of crane operations. At a later moment, we have diversified our product range in order to meet the needs of a developing market where custom-made solutions are more and more required for a better reliability and effectiveness when facing specific operative problems. This is how we started to market a new brand of highly automated forest machines (dedicated to the treatment and handling of timber on the felling site) and to invest in R&D. ORMET actually has its own team of engineers that use innovative tools for the design, simulation and development of mechanical and plant equipment as well as control systems. R&D has allowed our company to establish partnerships with several of our customers in order to realize manifold innovative solutions for the lifting and handling of either goods or operators. We have expanded our activity beyond the domestic market by cooperating in many extensive projects. The Jekko Minicrane machines are the result of this innovating attitude. ORMET has believed and invested in prototyping and developing these products so that specific models are currently mass-produced and sold under a dedicated trademark. Quality also is one of our priorities: since 2003 we have been working with the aid of a specific quality management system certified by the prestigious Det Norske Veritas in compliance with the ISO9001 (Vision 2000) standard.

The Jekko product line derives from the activity of designing special machines on order. For some time Ormet applied single-arm minicranes for trucks on carriages equipped with electrical control unit. Only in 2002 the first machine on tracks was produced. Afterwards the range was extended in 2004 and thus began the production of small batches. In 2006 the Jekko brand was born and in May 2007 a production plant was inaugurated which is dedicated to the mass assembly of all models up to 4 ton

Jekko Minicranes

Jekko Minicranes are created to work in narrow spaces and difficult to get access to. Tracks give minicranes more manageability and weight can be better distributed on the floor. In this way, thanks to their reduced weight, Jekko minicranes are able to work on almost every type of floor.

Their uplifting capacity is considered their key characteristic. Thanks to their innovative technical solutions and the use of high resistance steel, Jekko minicranes can be considered a unique product when lifting at higher distance.

We offer a wide range of models which can satisfy every mobility and uplifting needs.

Development of Jekko machines has played a key role and thanks to our customers’ collaboration we are always implementing new models and accessories.


Dimensions 2500x800x1750 mm
Weight 1700 kg
Loading momentum 2600 kgm
Maximum SWL 1200 kg
Maximum working radius 5900 mm
SWL at maximum working radius 380 kg
Maximum working height 7000 mm
SWL at maximum working height 850 kg
Rotation 220 °
Tilting -9/+76 °
m/t ft/lbs

Dimensions 3100x800x1990 mm
Weight 2200 kg
Loading momentum 4300 kgm
Maximum SWL 1800 kg
Maximum working radius 7600 mm
SWL at maximum working radius 400 kg
Maximum working height 9300 mm
SWL at maximum working height 1100 kg
Rotation 360 °
Tilting -2/+73 °
Max SWL for winch-single fall 600 kg
Winch rope length 60 m
m/t ft/lbs

Dimensions 3660x1100x1940 mm
Weight 2800 kg
Loading momentum 5100 kgm
Maximum SWL 1800 kg
Maximum working radius 9300 mm
SWL at maximum working radius 350 kg
Maximum working height 10900 mm
SWL at maximum working height 650 kg
Rotation 360 °
Tilting -5/+76 °
Max SWL for winch-single fall 600 kg
Winch rope length 60 m
m/t ft/lbs

Crane Less Counterweight 3700 kg
4 ton Block 20 kg
4,8 m Lattice Jib + 2,7 m Stinger 200 kg
m/t ft/lbs

Crane Less Counterweight 5000 kg
Counterweight 650 kg
4 ton Block 40 kg
4,8 m Lattice Jib + 2,7 m Stinger 300 kg
m/t ft/lbs

Minicrane Accessories
2FP-D7 4FP-D8 HA JIB1000FL
2 Fall pulley block D7 rope. 4 Fall pulley block D8 rope. Hydraulic and electric activation. 1000 kg max swing lattice flying jib.
JIB600H JIB600M JIB800G PP380-4D
600 kg max hydraulic swing jib. 600 kg max manual swing jib. 800 kg short manual swing jib. Three phase Power pack
380V-4Kw for Diesel.
PP380-4E SP400x600 VAI WT
accessorio accessorio accessorio
Three phase Power pack 380V-4kW. Polyethylene sliding pads 400x600. Visual angle indicator. White tracks.

Jekko Minipickers
MPK20 - Unique product in its category, telescopic system with internal cylinders, quick coupling and a wide range of accesories
Dimensions 2600x950x1780 mm
Weight (Std Equipment) 1.950 kg
Maximum SWL 2.000 kg
m/t ft/lbs

Jekko Spiderlifts
Dimensions 4570-4100x780x1980 mm
Weight 280
Maximum SWL 200
m/t ft/lbs

Jekko Vacuum Tech

In this range you can find products such as Jekko Minicranes accessories and machines used for glass installation.

Since their beginning Jekko machines have always been used for window glazing and other glass manufactured products installation. According to our customers’ requests we have developed specific suction caps for construction site and new glass manipulators. When Jekko Minicranes and their accessories couldn’t be used, we have developed more specific machines.

Dimensions 750x1100x1350
Weight 140 Kg
Maximum SWL 300 Kg
Cups n° 6
Cups diameter 300 mm
m/t ft/lbs

Dimensions 1329x1329x308
Weight 95 Kg
Maximum SWL 60% industry use 700 Kg
Maximum SWL 60& vacuum construction site use 350 Kg
Cups n° 8
Cups diameter 300 mm
m/t ft/lbs

GVI 6+6
Weight 140 kg
Maximum SWL 60% industryal 540 kg
Maximum SWL 60% vacuum 1000 kg
Cups 6+6
Cups diameter 300 mm
Tilting 0/90 °
Rotation 360 ° (continuos)
m/t ft/lbs

GVI 4+2 LX
Weight 45/50 kg
Maximum SWL 60% industryal 270 kg
Maximum SWL 60% vacuum 540 kg
Cups 4+2
Cups diameter 300 mm
Tilting +/- 90 °
Rotation 0/90 °
m/t ft/lbs

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