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Company Overview


Alatas was formed in 1988 by a group of ex Liebherr Managers and Engineers. The aim of the company was to provide an alternative source of original spare parts and crane service worldwide. Alatas also secured dealerships with several mobile crane companies, and began supplying spare parts worldwide.

23 Years later Alatas has 9 Offices and service stations located around the world in the UK, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, Panama, Singapore and the USA. From these locations the company provides experienced Crane Service Engineers and supplies original and replacement crane spare parts.

Alatas set up an Internet arm to supply Crane parts for Mobile, Ship and Offshore Cranes in 1999. This arm of the company receives hundreds of part requests for many different types of crane from around the world every week.

Alatas has grown by providing the complete service for cranes. We look forward to helping you reduce the costs of your operations, without compromising excellent service.

Alatas offer the complete crane service for ship, marine, pedestal, harbour, mobile and offshore cranes.




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